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UltraMorea Sunglasses

UltraMorea Sunglasses

UltraMorea was born by the sea and beaches of Miami, a vibrant metropolis at the forefront of fashion trends, architectural design, and contemporary culture. With some stunning designs in hand, the brand's founder approached our Luxury arm , The Luxury Brand Agency, to create the branding, packaging and eCommerce website for their start-up business.

As with all branding projects, we started by a workshop (held appropriately in sunny Miami Beach) to devise the brand's core proposition, values and positioning. Out of this workshop we created the concept of "American Riviera" which the brand is now using in their signature "Welcome to the American Riviera™" registered tagline.

UltraMorea Logo

Our London bureau, under the direction of agency co-founder John Cameron, created a hand-drawn typeface and edgy 'sun-king' symbol to reflect the brand's values.

Our next step was to design a website that illustrates the brand's values and provide the clean, no-fuss customer experience that befits products born on the beaches of Miami. For this, we developed an original product page concept that featured original illustration (hand-drawn by agency founder John Cameron)

All the product photography were done in our in-house photo studio in Philadelphia and perfectly retouched to sustain the kind of zooming in that will reveal the beautifully crafted details of the products.

We also designed the packaging and collateral material, using high-end engraving techniques on some items.