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Takachiho Gases

Takachiho Gases

Takachiho has been a pioneer of specialty gases since 1948. A leader in their home country of Japan, Takachiho turned to Cameron Paget to adapt their branding and web presence to the international market.

Founded in 1948 and still family-owned, Takachiho supplies extremely high-purity gases as well as complex gas mixtures that are used by government agencies, research institutes and blue-chip manufacturers to calibrate machines and devices that are, for example used for environmental air control or print computer chips. Well recognised and leading in Japan in its field of specialty gases, the company recognised a need to adapt its brand and website for Asia and beyond to Europe and the US.

"Finding the right balance between projecting the brand's values, technical expertise and history in new markets while not taking risks in its home market isn't an easy exercise" says John Cameron, Creative Director of Cameron Paget. But the agency has found an elegant solution with a new wordmark, an evolved logo (which was originally drawn by the brand's founder and chairman to reprensent a beaker with his initials), new type and a new slogan.

Cameron Paget is currently developing a bilingual website in Japanese and English. A key focus of the ongoing design work for the website to be revealed later in 2016 is a clear presentation of scientific information. The website will be used by gas buyers and prospective clients globally and therefore all the information must be displayed in a perfectly legible and intuitive fashion.