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Magplane Technologies is a global pioneer in magnetic levitation for transportation. After a decade of growth, the company recognised a need to rebrand to be able to better express its technical superiority as well as its evolving product range and turned to Cameron Paget.

Since its inception, the company has evolved from a mono-product to a multi-business-unit structure. The existing branding became obsolete as it was a reflection of a product which is not the sole product line of the company anymore. An element of urgency was also added to the project as the company needed branding to be applied on a high-profile project it sponsored in the US. 

Starting from an understanding of the structure, business strategy and growth objectives in its core market and beyond was the first step taken by the agency in order to be able to develop a brand identity that can be a true umbrella structure, unrelated to any particular business units or product yet expressing the core values of Magplane's expertise: speed and levitation. The agency was keen to deliver a brand that could stand out amongst the crowded technology sectors, work well on a wide variety of sizes and medium, from a full-length passenger train to a business card.

Following the multi-phase process it has developed over 30 years, the agency delivered an identity that fullfilled all the requirements laid by Magplane: an expression of speed and levitation, an umbrella brand with its associated sub-brands for the company's business units, easy to apply to stationary and company vehicles.

Magplane Technologies by Cameron Paget

The agency's work is however not finished as we are currently working on a library of icons and artwork that will illustrate the company's three main business units.