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Logan Kinei Fitness

Logan Kinei Fitness

Shaun Logan is a personal trainer on a mission to change the way we approach fitness, health and wellbeing. Looking for an agency that could transform his unique, disruptive vision into a potent brand, Shaun naturally turned to Cameron Paget.

Developing a new name and a new corporate identity starts with an intensive workshop where we delve into the business plan, motivation, vision and character of the brand’s founder in order to establish a core brand proposition – a short statement and set of values – which provides the anchoring unique and distinctive criteria to inform and evaluate creative work. With this in hand, we set ourselves to create a brand name that illustrated the values that we had defined for this high-end, exclusive brand. LOGAN KINEI was the result. To create the brand identity, we followed our trusted staged process that has been delivering results for the last 30+ years. The result? A light, contemporary brand with hints of esoterism that is as far from the established clichés of the fitness world as Shaun’s vision.

Logan Kinei Logo created by Cameron Paget

Such an innovative brand needed a website that breaks with the cliches of the fitness industry: logan kinei is neither about pumping iron nor about healing. Logan Kinei is an attitude, a mood. 

The website we designed sets the stage with a landing page that creates a mood, a reflection of inner feelings. This was an important statement of difference for logan kinei. Existing and future clients must be inline with the brand's ethos. The website then follows with more expected sections such as Shaun's biography, testimonials, services and a contact form. 
A client area is under development.